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Science Club

Welcome to AlAnjal Private School

Handmade Treasures

Student Projects That Make Great Modelsresized 20131215938

Many of our most treasured  decorations and small gifts are special because they were made by hand -- especially if they were made by

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Al-Baik Restaurant

21213123The main point of focus of this field trip was to make the students feel independent and responsible for themselves, a real chance to feel grown up. Prior to the trip the students were trained how to purchase food from a restaurant. Training included video tutorials, role plays, and the necessary vocabulary needed in purchasing food from a restaurant. Students were thrilled by their success in ordering food and enjoyed the scrumptious meal that they received at the end of the order.



General Director of Jeddah Education Directorate Honors Al-Anjal with an Unannounced Visit

     Al-Anjal  Private Schools had the honor of an unannounced  visit paid by his Excellency Jeddah’s General Director of Education Mr. Abdullah Bin Ahmad Al-Thagafi on Moday 4/3/1435 to come upon the process of examinations. It was a fatherly and educational initiative. First, he toured the middle school and chatted with the students in the American Diploma about the exams and the convenience of performing them on Blackboard Learning System. As expected, the students expressed their satisfaction with the system, especially being able to view the test results as soon as they click on the “Submit” button

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High School

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More than 210 scientific researches and inventions prepared and designed by intermediate and high schools

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Interactive tests

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As an essential component of the Blackboard learn program, Grade 8B usually have weekly  interactive test in English supervised by  Mr. Ayman

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Fayfa Garden Center – Jeddah

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IMG 20130929 103207During semester one, Grade 2 students went to the Fayfa Garden Centre. This field trip was related to the Science Unit: Plants and Animals, and it gave an opportunity for students to express what they had learnt inside of the classroom out into the real world. They managed to see a diverse range of plants and animals that were fascinating to explore.

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Message from the Managing Director

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From the Managing Director's Desk 

The future is 'Global' and so it should reflect in the training of our children. Nevertheless, we immensely value our Islamic culture, tradition and ethos. Al-Anjal International School meets both aspirations of prospective parents through the adaptation of methods of teaching and syllabi of international examination board in local context. We are committed to provide best international education in the Kingdom, for that school is already registered with AdvacnED to offer American standards based curriculum to its students. After the completion of American diploma, we assure you that your child would be accepted in local and foreign universities without any language barrier.

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Academic Counseling Program

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A comprehensive student academic counseling program is administered by the English Department as an integral part of the activities of the school clubs.  So far, we have hosted:

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