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Admission Requirements for Saudis

1.    Every student is legible for admission once he completes six years of age according to the Hijrah Calendar on the first day of school year or before. Original birth certificate must be presented for authentication.

2.    Children who complete eight years of age with no previous official education record is admitted in grade 1. Children over eight years of age must present a letter from the Ministry of Education.

3.    Children can be admitted if they are 5 years and nine months at the beginning of the school year.

4.    A student is admitted in grade 7 once he completes grade 6 successfully and provided that he is not over 16 years old.

5.    A student is admitted in Grade 10 once he completes grade 9 successfully and provided that he does not exceed 19 years of age.

Students meeting admission requirements are accepted on following procedures:

  • Taking placement tests if applying for the American division. Test results are then kept in the student's file.
  • Filling out registration form.
  • Presenting the following documents:
    • A copy of family Identification registers showing the student's name or the student ID.
    • Latest photographs
    • Health and vaccinations certificates from a public hospital or an authorized health center
  • A comprehensive file will be opened for the student by the student advisor for the early stage (Grades 1,2&3) as per the governing regulations. This file is handed to higher stages or other schools when the student joins them.
  • The student's files are kept in the students' affairs department and a soft copy is saved on the computer. All documents are then handed to the school principal for checking and then returned to the students' affairs within two days for keeping.
  •  Sending the class lists to the Ministry of Education office at the beginning of every semester.



Admission Requirements for Non-Saudis

1. Same as requirements for admissions of Saudi students provided that it does not contradict other requirements for non-Saudis.

2. Any non-Saudi is admitted on the basis of the Hijrah, not Gregorian Calendar.

3. The applicant must have a valid official Iqama (Residence card) even if the student is transferred from a Saudi school abroad.

4. The applicant's name must exactly match his name on passport, on his father's passport and on the Residence Car (Iqama).

5. A non-Saudi student cannot continue his education temporarily or permanently if he is not a holder of official residence card (Iqama) or if he is not added to his father/mother Residence register.

6. A non-Saudi cannot continue his education in case of the expiry or non-renewal of his Iqama during the school year.

7. Saudi birth certificates for non-Saudis are not be a substitute for the official residence card (Iqama) 

8. Non-Saudis with a visit or Umrah visa are not admitted.

9. Non-Muslims are admitted after submitting the required documents provided that they study and take exams in the Holy Qur'an and other Islamic studies.

Admission Requirements for holders of Certificates from outside Saudi Arabia

1. Holders of these certificates are admitted -if they provide all required documents and if their certificates are issued from a Saudi school abroad- in the appropriate grade level.

2. Holders of these certificates are admitted in the appropriate grade level after authenticating and equalizing their certificates from the Ministry of Education Office.

3. All documents must be original.

4. The student's name must exactly match in all documents.

5. Students holding middle and high school certificates from outside Saudi Arabia must present these certificates original and certified.

6. All certificated issued outside Saudi Arabia must be original and certified.

7. A student can join classes and start studying until submitting all required documents as follows:

  • Specifying a time limit for submission of all required documents.
  • The student's parent or guardian must sign a pledge stating that his son had passed the previous grade level, and that submission of the remaining documents will be completed in the specified time.

Admission Requirements Students with Special Needs from (6-12) Years of Age

1. The student's record shows a consistent degrading of basic learning skills in arithmetic, language basic reading and writing skills and other mental operations such as remembering, concentration, distinguishing and realization.

2.    His poor academic level must not be the result of any mental, sensory or physical disability.

3.    His poor academic level must not the result of any unusual family or social circumstances.

4.    The applicant should be psychologically stable.

5.    The applicant must pass a test for learning difficulties. The applicant's condition and style of treatment must be defined by the supervisor of the special learning difficulties unit.

Academic Requirements and Regulations

  1. Criteria for student Admission:

Students applying for admission are considered on an individual basis. Admission and grade level placement are finalized after evaluation of the previous school records, and a personal interview with the heads of departments.

  1. Application for admission at APS
  2. Interview test Scheduled for the student
  3. Student must pass this interview with at least 50% and must be able to comprehend and speak English. All classes except Arabic, Qur'an and social studies are taught in English.
  4. Students must show their most recent school record.
  5. Admission Tests.
  6. Transfer students with passing grades from other AdvancED accredited schools do not need to sit for placement tests unless deemed to be necessary.

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