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For our students who are planning a profession like Medical or Engineering, we ensure that their subject choice for American Diploma will give them best possible preparation for their college degree and professional qualification they will need for their chosen career. ALANJAL PRE COLLEGE PROGRAM is aimed to help them in fulfilling this Goal. Subject choices merit careful attention. Genuine interest, career considerations and ability are the three essentials. Pupils are advised to consult the ALANJAL CAREER COUNSELING OFFICE as quickly as possible before settling on their options. A student’s timetable framework is drawn up based on his own choices; while there can be some exceptions, it is usually possible for our students to study the combination of subjects that they wish for advancement in the career of their Choice.

Al-Anjal school is offering Advanced-ed accredited American High School Diploma Program and is currently in a phase of launching its Career Oriented College Preparatory program which will be available in both campus and online format.

AlAnjal High School Program currently offer SIX Areas of Concentrations

These are :

1) Pre - Medical

2) Pre - Engineering

3) Business Studies

4)  Information SYSTEM & Management

5)  Social Sciences

6)  Multi  Media

If a student cannot decide about his career choice, he can select General  by choosing courses from all five  concentrations.

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